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WazirX Launches Think Tank for Web 3.0

The think tank will provide blockchain research and analysis platforms to build visibility and increase the user base for Web 3 technologies.

India based crypto exchange WazirX has launched a think tank called ‘Blockchain Papers’ to create awareness about web 3.0. It aims at bringing clarity to users about decentralized exchanges and governance and also about regulations.

“The platform provides in-depth analysis & research on the developments in the decentralised blockchain ecosystem, impacting businesses, industries and economies around the world.”

“The BP platform was created to ideate, analyse and record all the major movements in the blockchain world in the process of building web 3.0.” 

Aritra Sarkhel, Director of Public Policy, WazirX

The research published on the platform will be conducted and compiled by experienced journalists, senior policymakers and senior research analysts.

Moreover, it will feature interviews with eminent personalities from the crypto space.

WazirX states that it felt the need to give it back to the community.

“WazirX furnished this innovative technique to elevate and build integrity & consistency as a leader putting forth arguments and ideas to help formulate policies on clear principles of democracy and decentralisation. It helps in bringing more efficiency & accuracy through advanced methodologies, promising research directions and discussing approaches for unsolved issues in the crypto world.”

WazirX Team

Surely, the initiative is commendable.

However, the question is can a crypto exchange with vested interests be trusted?

Can a crypto exchange give an adequate analysis of a project dedicated to doing a similar thing?

Binance is also doing something similar. Other exchanges too are bringing in their own initiatives of similar nature.

Inevitably, it is always recommended to Do Your Own Research (DYOR). Anyone can suggest something, but no one takes accountability for any third person’s losses.

That’s why a single source of information should not be depended upon. Other sources of information should always be considered and referred to in order to have a balanced view of any topic.

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