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Republic World Says Solana is an Indian Blockchain

The top Indian mainstream media platform was reporting the launch of Chingari’s “GARI” token which launched earlier on Solana Blockchain.

India based short video platform Chingari launched its ‘GARI’ token which is aimed at incentivizing the creators on the platform to earn and spend the crypto token for the content on the platform. The internet was flooded with the news after the company pretty much bought the front-page advertisement in every major newspaper.

But this is not the only thing that caught the eyes of crypto lovers!

One of India’s mainstream media Republic World also published an article covering the same news wherein it mentioned Solana, the blockchain where the token is launched an ‘Indian’ project.

The sentence (highlighted) is shown below in the image.

At first, it may seem as if they wanted to write that Solana has a founder of Indian origin named Raj Gokul.

But, another mistake which reads, “From what it looks like, the company is utilising the Indian blockchain Solana”, confirms that they are under some misconception about the platform.

Any reader may wonder, is Solana blockchain India made or India based.

But, Solana is neither founded by an Indian citizen nor it is based in India.

As per the LinkedIn page of the company SolanaLabs which is building Solana Blockchain, it is based in San Francisco. Solana is the latest in the long line of Decentralized ledger technology-based networks aiming to provide a decentralized space to build decentralized products on it (yes, too much decentralization, pun intended).

Neither GARI nor Solana are Indian. Chingari may be an app in India, but GARI token is issued by Chingari Foundation which is based in an offshore tax haven, just as any crypto project.

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