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Associated Press Launches NFT Collection on Binance

Users can buy the NFTs in two ways, an affordable Mystery Box or an auction.

Today, Binance announced the launch of “The AP Unique Moments” Premium Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) Collection by the global news agency Associated Press.

The collection features images and wires from the past 100 years ranging from the D-Day to Che Guevara’s revolution.

It is specially curated by MetaList Lab which has been authorized by the Associated Press.

The NFTs are available in the form of auction and Mystery Box. 

Mystery Boxes Offer an Affordable Choice

If a person buys the Mystery Box s/he will not get to know what is inside the Box, at the time of buying.

It is only after ‘opening’ the Box, the buyer will get to know.

Within the Mystery Boxes, there are different rarity levels: Normal (N), Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), and Super Super Rare (SSR).

A Mystery Box is priced at 29 BUSD.

Each Binance account can buy a maximum of 25 Mystery Boxes.

Rewards to Win

There’s an exclusive reward for grabs too.

Buyers who collect one Normal, one Rare, and one Super Rare item, and hold all of them until 11:59 PM UTC October 25 can win another NFT that “symbolizes the AP’s reach in the world.”

Images Available Through Auction

Other than the boxes some iconic images are also available for auction like the D-Day Landing AP News Flash, D-Day Landing images, WWII, Moon Landing, Super Blue Blood Moon, etc.

To buy them a person has to participate in the auctions.

NFTs are a boom this year. They have given artists a new lease of life and has also helped in the democratization of the digital art industry.

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