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Binance BEP-95: Real-Time BNB Burning Mechanism

The proposal aims to speed up the BNB burning process and make the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network more decentralized than before.

The newly proposed Binance Evolution Protocol (BEP-95) introduces a real-time burning mechanism to the Binance Smart Chain.

Right now, BNB (native token of BSC) supply is restricted by the scheduled Binance BNB burns. The BEP-95 aims to restrict the BNB supply by burning it with every block.

Whenever any block will be mined, a fixed ratio/percentage of the gas fee collected by the validators will be burned.

Intended Benefits of the Proposal

The intended benefits are further decentralization of the Binance Smart Chain network and an increase in the “intrinsic” value and the fiat denominated value of BNB.

However, this mechanism will decrease the total amount of BNB that validators and delegators receive from staking.

Burning Ratio of Gas Fees

The initial burn ratio proposed is 10%.

This ratio can be changed by following the due governance procedures.

The BSC Validators can conduct a proposal-vote, based on their voting power (staked BNB).

Any community member can propose the change.

In order to be reviewed, the proposal must get a minimum deposit of 2,000 BNB on the mainnet. All the BNB is returned once the proposal has been voted on.

The proposal will pass and the changes will be deployed on the BSC if it gets the quorum – 50% of the voting power of the bounded validators on the mainnet in favour.

A point to consider is that the vote of unbounded validators will not be considered into the tally.

If this proposal is passed and deployed on the mainnet, BNB might witness a sudden surge in its value.

At the time of writing, BNB was trading at around 492 USDT.

Note: This is a developing article. Updates will be made to the article as we get more information.

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