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Crypto Jobs in US Surge by 615% Since Last Year

Major financial services firms are thrice more likely to hire candidates with experience in crypto in 2021 than 2015.

Online job portal and professional networking website LinkedIn, in its Workforce Insights report published on Thursday, has documented a massive rise in jobs in blockchain and crypto profiles.

The report claims that job posts containing words like ‘crypto’ or ‘blockchain’ grew at a skyrocketing 615% in the United States when compared to the number in August 2020.

The LinkedIn Economic Graph team observed that major financial services companies are likely to hire talent with experience in Digital Assets by more than thrice this year than in 2015.

“The opportunities in digital assets are plentiful. We can now attract talent in a very different way.”

Roman Regelman, CEO of Asset Servicing and Head of the Digital at BNY Mellon

Chairman and CEO of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon has always expressed scepticism towards digital assets. Ironically, his own company is now among the top employers hiring for Digital Assets related roles.

Senior-level employees too have been wooed by the industry. They are also switching towards crypto-related roles.

India too is not far behind. A month ago, Coin Crunch India reported that over 10,000 jobs in the crypto industry were available. Major Indian crypto exchanges have been ramping up their workforce this year.

The demand is more for engineers who can work in product development. These professionals can draw handsome salary packages. A young front-end developer with 2-5 years of experience can earn up to INR 30 lakhs per annum.

At the upper-end senior professionals with 12 years of experience can earn about INR 75 lakhs, annually.

The boom in both adoption and prices of crypto has been driving the industry forward. With the arrival of DeFi, a whole new segment has opened up for traditional financial companies. They are willing to take the risk and sail to the uncharted waters. It was clearly testified by the ProShares’ Bitcoin Strategy ETF that recorded the 2nd highest ever first-day volume for an ETF, at around $1 billion.

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