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No Conclusive Evidence, yet people continue to Claim India has 10 Crore Crypto Users

Even after debunking all the claims of 10 crore crypto users, the news is doing rounds on different platforms on the internet.

A few weeks back there was news that there are 10 crore Indians who are holding crypto assets.

Several social media influencers and industry biggies have also endorsed the claim.

Coin Crunch India (CCI) dug deep and found out some mistakes in the calculations and the veracity of the sources, proving the claim wrong and reported those errors on October 13. 

Surprisingly, the false news kept on doing rounds on many mainstream media channels.

That’s why many people who may have read the news are still under the conception that India has the highest number of crypto holders, which is not true.

Nischal Shetty, founder and CEO of WazirX, finally broke his silence and brought down the curtains on the fallacious claims. According to him, the conservative estimate is 2 crores.

But scores of people are yet to be informed of this. That’s why once in a while, someone still makes the claim that India has 10 crore crypto holders.

When some news reverberates in every nook and corner, it is usually accepted as truth. Very few people care to authenticate it. If a mistake has been made, it can be owned and corrected.

As a vigilant investor and reader, everyone should verify any claims for self-benefit. Cryptocurrencies are in the grey area of regulations. That’s why many unusual claims may be made. 

The community in India is big and skilled enough to verify any arguments. One can reach out to experts on social media platforms.

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