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Bitcoin Scam Is Big: Rahul Gandhi

The 2020 Bitcoin Scam from Karnataka is currently a hot topic in Karnataka politics.

Member of Parliament from the Wayanad constituency and leader of the Indian National Congress (INC), Mr. Rahul Gandhi on Friday said, “Bitcoin Scam is big.”

But he did not call Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, a scam to defraud people.

He was rather talking about the ongoing investigations in the Karnataka Bitcoin Scam from 2020.

INC threw further light and accused the Bhartiya Janata Party of covering up the scam.

The recent spat between the parties began when the leader of opposition in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, INC MLA from Badami constituency, Mr. Siddaramiah accused the BJP of not doing enough in the investigation of the scandal due to the involvement of “politicians”.

In the ensuing days, it became a hot topic between the two parties and they began trading blows.

Bitcoin has been called a scam, Ponzi scheme, whatnot. But it is surely the paragon of the revolutionary technology of blockchain. India is among the largest and fastest adopters of crypto assets. Recently, SEBI approved a blockchain-related ETF that would further invest in another ETF.

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