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Nike Creates NIKELAND in Metaverse

Nike merchandise has been brought to the Metaverse.

Sports equipment manufacturing giant, Nike has entered the Metaverse space through the popular game Roblox.

The company has created its own digital space called the NIKELAND. It contains the buildings and arenas inspired by Nike’s real-life headquarters.

Users can play games like “Tag”, “The Floor Is Lava”, etc., on the platform.

The space also allows a user to buy real-life inspired Nike merchandise to dress up the avatar Mercurial football boot, Air Force 1, Air Force 1 Fontanka, Air Max 2021, etc.

Nike is also planning to bring NIKELAND alive through Augmented Reality. The company’s House of Innovation in New York City will feature a space where the people visiting the kid’s floor would experience NIKELAND through a Snapchat lens.

The promise of Metaverse is driving many people into cyberspace.

Last month, Facebook also changed its name to META, signifying a shift from social media to the Metaverse. Moreover, the country of Barbados opened an embassy in Metaverse.

This year Roblox had its Initial Public Offering in March. The stock has doubled its value and stands at $134.72. It could scale new heights if more users are drawn to it, especially due to the charm of Metaverse.

The rise, of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), has made it possible to create a digital universe, as they provide proof of ownership, which is indispensable for its development.

Who knows Metaverse may have its own fashion shows and trends? It all depends on the scale of adoption by people. Since it is a whole digital universe in cyberspace, the opportunities are manifold.

Metaverse is currently in its infancy; it could take a significant amount of time to become mainstream.

What do you think? Will the Metaverse become mainstream or not? Comment below.

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