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Zilliqa Expands its Reach With Sports Collaborations

Sports companies are easy to partner with for endorsements as most of them are private and have a wide outreach. That’s why Zilliqa is collaborating with them.

On Monday, blockchain project Zilliqa shared an image of boxer Terrence Crawford in which he is sporting the logo of the project on his boxing gown.

A few months ago, Zilliqa had launched an NFT collection in partnership with sports management company Polaris. The collection featured NFT backed images of 10 footballers.

Sports is one of the most globalized industries, and sports icons are known to endorse brand logos on their equipment. That’s why it is a hotspot for advertisements. Consequently, crypto companies are making use of sportspersons and events for their marketing.

The recently, concluded 2021 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup also featured advertisements from crypto exchanges such as CoinDCX, FTX, etc.

The barrage of advertisements also drew flak from the regulators who called out the advertisements ‘misleading’.

Until the governments throughout the world form some regulatory framework, crypto companies will keep knocking on the door of sports companies. Most of these companies are private, so it is easy to have partnerships with them. Signing endorsement deals with national federations is out of the question.

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