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Biggest Defiverse on Tezos: Launchpad, farm, pool, DEX and much more from Instaraise

From being the first-ever decentralized IDO platform on Tezos, Instaraise has come a long way in assisting Defi projects in their finance acquisition journey, thanks to the commendable support it has received from the community. Now, Instaraise is geared up to launch another Defi initiative on Tezos – the Defiverse – which they claim is the biggest Defi ecosystem yet on the Tezos blockchain. 

Instaraise is an IDO launchpad built on Tezos that helps solve the problems, such as barriers to fundraising, high costs for entry and lack of access for investors, faced by Defi projects at the time of launch. The Defi projects can use the platform to gather funds by creating a swap pool based on a fixed purchase rate for tokens. The platform employs smart contracts to help projects raise capital securely and cheaply in a transparent and trustless environment. 

After the success of the public sale completed in the first 60 seconds of the 72-hour schedule, Instaraise has decided to go a step further and create a funnel for onboarding top-notch projects in the ecosystem, thereby bringing all the stakeholders of the decentralized community together through its Defi universe.  

The team at Instaraise considers the initiative not just another milestone in the Instraise roadmap but as a reward to its supportive community. With this, they are ensuring that each player gets the leverage from investing in these top projects in their early stages. Also, the Defiverse would bring along with it a maximal cum exhaustive set of Defi tools that would help connect more people, bringing in the deserved traction for the products.  Here’s what the Defiverse will bring to the community: 

A New Instaraise Website

The first and foremost is Instaraise’s new website. It will, from hereon, represent the uplifted brand identity of Instaraise as an IDO launchpad cum Defiverse. The website will offer an entirely new level of UI for an improved user experience. Here’s an overview of the new interface:

  • Users will get a whole new personalized Dashboard, a one-stop solution for all their INSTA-related information.
  •  All the Presale-based utilities will be condensed together under the launchpad section, which users can refer to whenever needed. 
  • Under the Trackable Presale State feature, users will be able to track the stage at which they are to get their allocation in place. The information related to exchange-to-exchange flow (e2e flow) will be directly conveyed to the users via the UI. 
  • Next in line is a Staking console laced with a Dynamic Pool Weight Score, Tier Tracker, and APY Showcase in case the reward pool of that particular user is active. 
  • An Educative Space is another new addition that will help users know how the platform’s Presale actually works. The space will also guide the users to find their way within the IDo facilitation rounds. 
  • The Dark Mode is another handy utility that will give the users the power to use the dApp at their convenience. 

Instraise’s LP Yield Farms

Besides the website UI features, Instaraise has another added feature to add further utility to the native token of the platform, INSTA. It is all set to launch, what it claims will be, the intuitive and easy to use INSTA-XTZ Quipu LP farms, in which members can stake their tokens and earn returns. Users can amass INSTA yields with high rewards using this pool. Simultaneously, the IDO Staking pool is recharged with new rewards. 

These LP farms will help in bringing more incoming rewards for the community and consequently to Instaraise. Also, once these liquidity pools become active, the platform’s native token – INSTA’s circulation will increase, adding to its value and hence, adding to the overall value of INSTA held by the community. Instaraise’s Defiverse is arguably the next big step towards opening possibilities and exploring avenues while bringing utility and value to INSTA – Instaraise’s native token. 

There’s more to this update. Instaraise is coming up with another striking feature that would offer unique capabilities, bring in more fluidity, and add traction to their native token INSTA and the community. For the Instaraise community members, things will get more exciting as the platform readies itself to foray into another Defi dimension – its own DEX to leverage the power of Defi on Tezos. 

What new features and utilities Instaraise’s DEX will hold is yet to be revealed. Until the next update, you might want to grab this opportunity to hear from the founders of Instaraise about the idea and vision that drives the platform in this interesting AMA session with Coin Crunch. 

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