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Silk Road’s Founder Causes Uproar with NFT Auction

The proceeds will be used to uplift the families of the incarcerated.

Ross Ulbricht, the founder of the infamous but now-defunct dark web website Silk Road, announced on Wednesday, the auction of his NFT (Non Fungible Token) series.

It will take place on the SuperRare NFT platform from December 2 to December 8. 

The series is called the Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection NFT. It consists of writings and ten artworks by Ulbricht along with an animation using his voiceover.

All the works will be compiled into one singular NFT using Kanon’s KSPEC protocol.

Artwork named Death by Ulbricht

The works are from different phases of his life from early childhood to the present.

Earnings from the auction will be donated to a fund that will be working to support the families of the incarcerated.

The proceeds will also fund a trust committed to free Ross Ulbricht from prison through “legal proceedings, raising awareness, and more.”

The news created pandemonium among netizens. Some were supporting this idea, whereas others were vehemently against it. Much of the uproar was about minting the NFTs on Bitcoin.

He was convicted in 2015 for drug trafficking and money laundering using the Silk Road marketplace he created. His conviction spans two life sentences and 40 years without parole.

In his blog, Ross talks about having a change of heart and a newfound purpose of serving the inmates.

Ross is currently incarcerated at the United States Penitentiary in Tucson. His life is no less than the story of a movie. Convicted for a dark web marketplace that facilitated drug trade and also used bitcoin payments. Now he is launching his NFT from prison.

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