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CoinWealth On the Way to Make Crypto Part of Every Investor’s Portfolio

CoinWealth is an asset management firm trying to bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream by making them a part of every portfolio they handle. They are not just keen on making cryptocurrencies a part of everyone’s portfolio but also want to bring Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) to the forefront.

They are managed by veterans in the field of financial services and portfolio management.

To know more about them and their work, check out our twitter spaces with them here.

The latest buzz is the fact that CoinWealth is launching its very own token called the CoinWealth Token (CNW). 


The funds would be used to support the development and marketing of the CoinWealth Crypto Assets Platform. It would also act as a means to generate value in the CoinWealth ecosystem.

Where will it be listed?

CNW will be initially listed on Bitbns as well as two DEXes (Decentralized Exchanges) including UniSwap and PancakeSwap.

CoinWealth is also taking steps to get it approved by and listed across all major Centralized Exchanges (CEX) globally including those that particularly cater to India. The initial plans are to operate in India and the Middle Eastern markets.

What can the token be used for?

Primarily, the users can make gains from the tokens via:-


Token holders can lock their tokens to receive a staking reward at the minimum rate of 10.8% per annum(simple interest), every 10 days for a period of 7 years or until the Staking Reserve depletes. This requires them to reserve their tokens from any usage.

Fee Discounts:

Token holders can use the tokens to pay fees when they purchase units of the Portfolios through any of the CoinWealth channels and on Algo products offered under the StockTrix brand. They would receive discounts as per the below-given rates till the 4th year of the issue.

Year1st Year of issue2nd year of issue3rd year of issue4th year of issue


CoinWealth plans on introducing segments that would give exclusive benefits to CNW token holders and users including Portfolios that will only be available for applications using the CNW token. A Tokenization initiative has been proposed along with an NFT Portfolio.


CoinWealth will use 10% of the profits generated by the Fees from CoinWealth Portfolios and assign them to a central reserve to either support liquidity or burn them to permanently reduce the supply of such tokens.


  • Nov 2021

– Beta-Testing Version-Release – Private & Angel Investor Participation Only

  • Jan 2022

-Initial Private Client Release

  • Mar 2022,

-Public Release of first 8 Portfolios: 1st March 2022

  • May 2022

-Second wave: 10 Portfolios open to the public based on Risk & Momentum parameters

  • Jul 2022

-Release of Leveraged Portfolios & Algo-Trading Products

  • Aug 2022

-Full release of Platform to allow participation across exchanges/distributors

  • Sep 2022

-Release of Staking, Lending & FI products

  • Dec 2022

-Release of the Exchange Traded or Open NAV Products

  • Jan 2023

-CoinWealth CNW Exclusives: First Portfolios & Early Access to vetted IEOs

  • Feb 2023

-First Geographic Expansion: Identified HNI market subject to regulatory clearances

  • Mar 2023

-Release of the third wave: CoinWealth Exclusive ETFs & Segmented Portfolios

Initial Exchange Offer (IEO)-

Despite the fact that there would be 13 billion tokens in total, and this figure would not change the future as well, only a fraction of it i.e., 2.08 billion tokens would be offered in the Private Allotment and the three-phase IEO.

IssueTotal Count% Allocation
IEO2.08 billion16.0%
Team1.69 billion13.0%
Pool Liquidity0.26 billion2.0%
Staking Reserve3.64 billion28.0%
Future Sale Reserve5.33 billion41.0%
Total13.0 billion100.0%

Who is backing the project?

Rajesh Arjunlal Jaisingh is the Co-Founder, and Principal Portfolio Manager, of CoinWealth. He is also the Co-Founder and COO of Weinvest, a Singapore headquartered Top 10 FinTech startup building out a digital wealth and advisory platform that helps banks, asset managers and institutions offer online investment options to their clients.

Rajesh V. is the Co-Founder and Head of Algo at CoinWealth. He has over 18 years of experience in the Financial Services industry, with a hands-on approach in wealth management operations covering customer onboarding, KYC, end-to-end order management, core fund operations, payments processing, reconciliation, contact-centre sales and support, equity & mutual fund research, client coordination & team management.

Sushant Gowda is the Co-Founder and Engineer at CoinWealth. Experienced Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Strong engineering professional skilled in Python, Agile Methodologies, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, and JavaScript.

Disclaimer: Coin Crunch partners with multiple projects for consulting and marketing initiatives. Our editorial however remains uninfluenced by our partners unless specifically mentioned. For more details about our policies, please check out this disclaimer.

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