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ALEX- The First Full Service Zero-Liquidation DeFi Platform on Bitcoin via Stacks

What is ALEX?

ALEX is an open-source DeFi protocol that is built on the Stacks Blockchain. It is a zero-liquidation borrowing/ lending risk DeFi platform.

It has all features of Aave without Liquidation. Also, it boasts of being just like Pancakeswap but secured by the Bitcoin network and Polkastarter combined.

It is presently in the staking phase, also known as the Testnet phase. Currently, interested investors can stake tALEX to increase their chances in the upcoming IDO round. 


The week of their Testnet launch, their Discord members went from 47 to 1.25 thousand in 36 hours. Within 6 days they grew up to 12 thousand. A majority of their members are from East Asian countries like Japan, China and Korea.


With ALEX, users can do all these things without any hassle:

  1. Users can discover and  participate in IDO rounds of the leading upcoming projects built within the Stacks ecosystem.
  2. Users can lend or borrow BTC, and any Stacks or ALEX native tokens.
  3. All borrowing is without risk of Liquidation.
  4. They can earn interest on depositing tokens.
  5. Yield farming is also an option.


ALEX has a streamlined Roadmap.

  • The Testnet started on October 10, 2021.
  • The Mainnet has an approximated date of January 10- January 17, 2021.

Who is Running the Show?

The Co-founders of ALEX are a bunch of seasoned financial “quants” who have experience at Wall Street. They have decades of experience in building quantitative trading and risk management businesses with major global financial institutions.

They are launching innovative schemes like zero-coupon bonds, the elimination of liquidation risk on borrow/lending of BTC via their Collateral Rebalancing Pool.

Their team has applied their expertise in financial engineering to #DeFionBitcoin (aka #BitFi) to make it accessible to everyone. They will provide the robust financial infrastructure needed for the mass adoption of DeFi and the transition to Web3. 

With ALEX, users can lend or borrow, yield farm, spot or margin trade their BTC and STX. They will also launch new tokens. 


Now since they are in a nascent stage, ALEX has attractive giveaways.

To celebrate their Mainnet Launch, they are giving away 1000 USD in STX to 50 people who sign up!

The eligibility is to enter by 20th January, 12 PM GMT+8.

There are 10 ways to enter, so this way users can increase their chance of winning by 10 times.

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