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Crypto Related YouTube Channels are Being Hacked!

Hacker uploaded a video of a ‘cryptocurrency’ asking people to invest in it.

In a spate of hacking attacks, several YouTube channels that create content about the crypto industry had been compromised.

Hacked YouTube Channels

International channels that were attacked include ‘BitBoy Crypto’, ‘Altcoin Buzz’, ‘Boxmining’, ‘Floyd Mayweather’, ‘Ivan on Tech’, and ‘The Moon’, etc.

Popular Indian YouTube channel, Bitcoin Expert India reported that many India based channels such as ‘WazirX’, ‘Open4Profit’ and ‘CoinDCX’ were also hacked.

The YouTube channel of CoinDCX had been hacked a few months ago as well.

Coin Crunch India discovered that CoinSwitch Kuber’s account was also compromised. 

Hacker Tried to Con Viewers

The perpetrator uploaded a video on each channel featuring addresses of a cryptocurrency called “ONE WORLD CRYPTOCURRENCY” on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. They asked the viewers to participate in the pre-sale of the token.

YouTube channel of CoinSwitch Kuber with the alleged video.

Comments were turned off on the video. Maybe it was done so that users can’t report that this so-called sale is a scam.

This isn’t the first time that crypto content creators are facing issues on social media. Many accounts have faced suspension on Twitter and YouTube in the past.

As of now, no explanation report of the hack and the vulnerabilities exploited has been published.

Cointelegraph quoted Michael Gu of Boxmining who gave his opinion about the modus operandi of the hack.

“What we noticed was on the BRAND account (which doesn’t have a login. YouTube brand accounts are connected to personal) there was a login from the Philippines. Very likely this is either a hack on YouTube side or a rogue employee. That’s how they got so many people at the same time.”

Michael Gu

Could these hacks and suspensions be an inside job in order to create obstacles and dissuade people from making crypto-related content?

Comment below your views.

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