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Gear up for the $TRACE Launch!

The metaverse is all the rage these days, and everyone seems to be hopping on the metaverse bandwagon in one or the other way. Coupled with the power of NFTs, they have the power to transform the world like never before. And leading this change is Trace Network Labs, an enterprise-grade NFT based decentralized finance protocol powered by DeFi. 

Trace Network Labs, formerly Trace Network, started out with the purpose of allowing permission-less funding using smart contracts and delivering innovative NFT-based merchandise identification solutions. We even had a fun discussion with the Trace team here at Coin Crunch. Earlier in 2021, they also partnered with Polygon. 

Now, Trace Network Labs aims to leverage its continued work on NFTs and the Bling marketplace to bring luxury and lifestyle industry partners into the metaverse, while remaining dedicated to this mission.

$TRACE is listed on Huobi

$TRACE is now listed on Huobi Global, after great anticipation. While the IDO will not take place as anticipated, all final addresses whitelisted for the IDO in June’21 will get 200 $TRACE tokens as a special reward for their unwavering commitment to Trace Network Labs. $TRACE tokens will be sent to each of the whitelisted addresses.

With the metaverse emerging as the next big thing, even the lifestyle industry is shifting to the digital domain, and Trace Network Labs aims to be at the forefront of this #Lifestyle4Metaverse transformation. 

With a massive $5000 worth of $TRACE up for grabs, there’s no better time than now to be a part of this new age of the metaverse.

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