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Referral Programs of Different Indian Crypto Exchanges

With the massive growth in the crypto world, the crypto market is slowly growing in terms of adoption. Everyday, small chunks of people around the globe are familiarized with the crypto space after which their excitement pushes them to enter the space through exchanges. The appetite to own crypto currencies is also on the rise. 

But earning from crypto goes beyond investing and trading. One such method is affiliate marketing. Many crypto exchanges provide referral programs for their existing users to increase customer base, sales and volume. This is one way you can make a passive income from crypto. The best part? You could be earning for life from different crypto platforms just by referring your friends! Sounds awesome? All you have to do is share your invite link to friends or on social media platforms and as someone signs up using your ‘referral code’, you’re good to go. Sit back and see your portfolio grow.

Below are the referral programs provided by Indian crypto exchanges.


WazirX was founded by Nischal Shetty in March 2018. It was acquired by the world’s largest crypto trading platform Binance in April 2021.

Their referral program:-

Type: Recurring, Cost per transaction

Commission: 50% of trading fees on every trade made by the referral

Payment type: Commission is paid in WRX token 

Payout: Once in every 24 hrs

Click to join WazirX


CoinDcx is India’s first crypto unicorn. It was founded by Sumit Gupta and Neeraj Khandelwal in 2018.

CoinDcx provides a referral program where both the parties benefit equally, the referrer and the referred. Let’s say B has signed up using the referral code of A. Benefits received will be as:  

Type:One time

Commision: 25 USDT to both A And B once B completes trades worth of 5 BTC

Condition: Trades can be carried out in any currency

Click to join CoinDCX

Delta Exchange

Delta Exchange is a crypto derivatives exchange offering Futures, Perpetual Swaps and Options on Bitcoin and over 50 Altcoins with up to 100x leverage. It was founded in 2018, by Pankaj Balani.

Their referral program:-

Type: Recurring

Commission to referrer: 15% of trading fees paid by the referral for 1 year and then 10% for lifetime.

Discount to the referral: 10% discount in trading fees

Payment type: Commission will be paid in whatever token/ cryptocurrency the trading fee was paid by the referred user

Payout: Once in a week 

Click to Delta exchange


Unocoin is a Bangalore based technology startup and is India’s first entrant into the bitcoin industry. It was founded by Abhinand Kaseti, Harish B V, Sathvik Vishwanath, Sunny Ray in 2013. 

Their referral program:-

Type: Recurring, Cost per transaction

Commission: 15% of trading fees on every trade made by the referral

Click to join Unocoin


Buyucoin was founded by  Devesh Aggrawal, Shivam Thakral, Atulya Bhatt in 2017.

Their ‘refer and earn’ program includes cashback scratch cards for the referrals too. 

Type: Limited period recurring

Commission: 30% of trading fees on every trade made by the referral

Addons: unlimited EzBack Cashback Scratch Cards in a financial year

Click to join Buyucoin


Bitbns is a part of Buyhatke Internet Pvt. Ltd. – the parent organisation, which was incorporated in 2015. It was founded by Prashant Singh.

Their refer and earn program is as follows:

Type: Recurring, Cost per transaction

Commission: 50% of trading fees on every trade made by the referral

Bonus to referral: ₹100 worth BTC each once he/she completes the signup and KYC successfully.

Click to join Bitbns


Giottus trade engine was founded by two IIM Calcutta Alumni – Vikram and Arjun in 2017

Their referral program includes:

Type: Recurring for 1 year 

Commission: 60% of trading fees on every trade made by the referral but there is no upper cap to that.

Bonus: 5 coupons for every customer referred when they become a qualified trader.

( A qualified customer is one who has traded more than Rs.5000 in Giottus).

Click to join Giottus


Vauld is a Singapore-based crypto platform. It was founded by Sanju Sony Kurian, who is also the CTO of the company.

Type: Recurring, Cost per transaction

Commission on every action made by the referral: 40% of trading fees on trades

5% of the interest paid out on their assets

5% of interest accrued by their loans

Click to join Vauld


Zebpay is an Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange and Wallet. It was founded by  Sandeep Goenka, Mahin Gupta, Saurabh Agrawal in 2014. They have expanded their services to Australia and Singapore as well. 

Currently they are revamping their referral program for Indians.

These referral programs keep getting an update from time to time, sometimes more lucrative and sometimes utterly skip worthy. However, there is no harm in generating a few extra bucks when one introduces their friends and family to crypto. 

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