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Woman Allegedly Raped in 60 Seconds of Joining Metaverse

The incident took place on Facebook’s metaverse platform.

A woman has described a heinous encounter of rape that took place in just 60 seconds of joining Facebook/Meta’s Venues metaverse platform.

The victim, Nina Jane Patel, VP of Metaverse Research at Kabuni, chronicled the incident in a blog.

“A horrible experience that happened so fast and before I could even think about putting the safety barrier in place. I froze, ” she said. “It was surreal. It was a nightmare.”

The blog from December 2021 details that 3 to 4 male avatars, with male voices, allegedly raped her avatar in the metaverse and took photos. After that, they said, “don’t pretend you didn’t love it.”

A spokesperson for Meta, Facebook’s parent company apologetically said, “We’re sorry to hear this happened. Horizon Venues should be safe and we are committed to building it that way. We will continue to make improvements as we learn more about how people interact in these spaces, especially helping people report things easily and reliably,” reported The Daily Mail.

Metaverse is stated as the next stage in the evolution of social media.

Decentralization stands for zero censorship, but absolute and unchecked freedom may be more detrimental.

Sooner or later, children will be onboarded to the new emerging platforms. At that moment, some form of checks will be needed to make children’s experience appropriate.

Back when social media platforms proliferated during the Web2 era, new legal issues were sparked. Information Technologies (IT) laws were amended, in nearly every country. Web3 will raise new questions in front of jurists.

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