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Infosys Launches Metaverse Enterprise Solutions Service

Infosys has built a Metaverse foundry.

After several big brands around the globe, IT services giant Infosys has also jumped on the Metaverse bandwagon.

On Thursday it launched its Metaverse foundry, according to a PR Newswire report.

It “converges the power of domain and design expertise, platforms and digital accelerators, with strong relationships in a rich creator-partner economy.”

The foundry gives enterprises the ability to securely and efficiently create their own Metaverse environment, deliver digital experiences in an existing Metaverse, bring advanced AI-powered data analytics and simulations to realize their evolving aspirations as they race to adapt to new priorities and emerging market trends.

It already has 100 ready to apply templates, use cases, and execution roadmaps.

As a result, it will fast-track enterprises’ exploration of the Metaverse, including virtual and augmented environments.

“The physical and virtual worlds are already smoothly and ubiquitously interwoven. The Metaverse will deepen this overlap and in very experiential ways that will create abundant space for business innovation. We want to help our clients to quickly double down on those opportunities in a find-fast, learn-faster environment before they can reorient their own capabilities, processes and culture in-house to respond to this rapidly evolving space.”

Ravi Kumar S, President, Infosys

This holds promise for the Indian Web3 landscape too. India’s Social Media Influencer market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 25%. In the current year, the market is projected to reach INR 1,250 crores.

Metaverse will help brands provide an immersive experience to their customers through different modes of interaction.

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