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About Us

What we achieve is but only a fraction of what we actually can, may be that is why we keep working all our lives – A wise man I met on Train

Coin Crunch India, founded in January 2018, with an aspiration to be the single most trusted news source in the subject of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Incidentally we didn’t know we will have competitions from other Coin Crunches of the world and some crunchers and some coiners who will use a similar logo as our or a similar name as ours. So the going for us has just gone tough.

Back to the point, was started with just one goal – Every news article that goes out, will be 100% true. Even if we don’t share our sources, you can be rest assured what you read on CoinCrunch is absolutely true.

Obviously we will take a little bit of levy when it comes to Advertised/Sponsored content. But fear not my friends, for we will put a ‘Promoted’ tag with a disclaimer on it so you know its paid content.

Like fact checking, we believe in full transparency as well. Full disclosure, it is just me who slogs day in and day out to keep this website running. My name is Naimish Sanghvi, and you can read about me below. From time to time I hire interns to write articles or manage the social media.

We get maybe 50-60 thousand page views a month, have about 500 email subscribers, close to 4500 people on our Telegram Channel and Group combined, 7500 odd followers on Twitter and quite frankly we deleted our Facebook page. Why am I sharing this? Because we run our business on advertising and advertisers need these stats.

You see a Banner on top of this page, that’s an ad. You might see some articles in category ‘Promoted’ if its a paid article. May as well see some Google ads. We have a nice decent reach. So if you want to advertise with us, feel free to contact us.

The Team

Naimish Sanghvi – Founder

Naimish founder of Coin Crunch IndiaIf you google Naimish Sanghvi, you will find a youtube channel named Finally Jobless and a website with the same name too. I have worked as an ERP consultant with Infosys and Deloitte before I quit my job and took a break. Later I worked as a producer and journalist at Network18 where I learnt the ropes of the game we call media and publication. Trust me it is a dirty world.

Nevertheless, my inclination towards technology and motivation to increase adoption of Cryptocurrency in India drove me to start building a community. Soon I was writing about cryptocurrency, investing and mining. Mainstream media is hell bent on painting a bad picture for cryptocurrency and someone had to do something about it. Hence I started with a mission to spread the truth about cryptocurrency and call out those who don’t.

I don’t have Facebook but I can be found on Twitter and Telegram as @ThatNaimish.

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