bitbns increased volume is fake?

Today, an exchange Bitforex is under fire for faking trade volumes. An investigation by cryptoexchangerates have revealed that the exchange was faking volumes on huge scales and have accused CoinMarketCap (CMC) to be complicit to it. The exchange jumped from a ranking of 100 to within top 10 exchanges byRead More →

wazirX exchange offered WRX coins which are useless as of now after 6 months

Cryptocurrency exchanges are popping up everywhere. It is not difficult or expensive to build a crypto exchange. But to build an exchange that is secure, robust, built for thousands of users from day 1 and to work glitch free, you have to spend some moolah. Initial Coin Offerings or ICOsRead More →

story of Coin Crunch India

Yesterday we announced on Twitter, we moved up 12000 ranks in the last week itself. I think we went from 52000 to 37000 really but I did not capture a screenshot to prove it. The journey has been difficult. I personally love what a unique mess of article database IRead More →

It hasn’t even been a week since the RBI ‘Banking Ban’ has gone into effect. Many banks are now freezing incoming transactions on Cryptocurrency exchange accounts and hence the exchanges have disabled the deposits and withdrawals of INR. On the other hand, many exchanges have come up with their ownRead More →

Bancor exchange hacked

Bancor, an Israel-based company runs a ‘decentralised’ exchange called Bancor, ofcourse. In June last year, Bacor became the biggest ICO in terms of raising money. Bancor foundation raised $153 Million in Ether by selling its token BNT. What will Bancor build? A decentralised Exchange. A year later today, the exchangeRead More →