Most of the time we ignore exchange issues like delay in deposits and withdrawals thinking they are one off issues that will be resolved in some time. But when the issue persists, repeats or is not resolved within a few minutes or may be a couple hours, that’s when weRead More →

Update: Unocoin has acknowledged the issue publicly and posted the details on their blog. Summary Unocoin exchange has not deposited ZIL tokens sent by multiple users including mine for over 24 hours now. Every time a different reason was given Technical issue Issue with the wallet provider Bitgo Issue resolvedRead More →

Giveaways have become a trend these days in India. Almost all exchanges are doing giveaways or massive referrals. The giveaways though come with conditions. Conditions to trade. Trading based giveaways are not new in the cryptoverse globally. It is no longer new in India too. The biggest giveaways are happeningRead More →