bitcoin vs bitcoin cash

When I stepped into the world of cryptocurrency, the fork had already happened. A few members of the community decided to split the Bitcoin chain to make a new one – Bitcoin cash. Many naive and new investors have invested in Bitcoin Cash assuming they are buying ‘cheaper’ Bitcoin. BitcoinRead More →

Karma coins for P2P lending

With less than two days remaining to the massive Coindelta Karma (KRM) trading competition, one must wonder what are they really going to do with their winnings. The winnings this time is going to be in form of Karma-KRM coins. But you must know that there are only three known exchangesRead More →

is the new oneplus ico peicoin real or fake

Joining the likes of OyoRooms now is the premium-budget smartphone company OnePlus. The new cryptocurrency is called ‘PeiCoin’ and the tagline Blockchain meets never settle. Announcement: A few hours ago OnePlus pinned the announcement tweet on their twitter account. Get paid to use your phone, using our new, community-driven currency. It’s alwaysRead More →

where can I buy siacoin in india, what is siacoin

Sia is a decentralised storage platform secured by the blockchain technology. It uses the blockchain technology to embed/store data in the cloud. The SIA platforms storage technology is based on under-utilized hard drives capacity around the world. Sia tech wants to create a data storage marketplace in which people can beRead More →

where can I buy golem in india? is golem a good product. what is a super computer

Golem is an open source, decentralised supercomputer which can be assessed by anyone on a global scale. The Golem Project works on the principle of collecting small bits of data and power and converting it into huge user’s machine to an entire data centre. The main motive of Golem isRead More →

what is IOTA and how can I buy iota. iota foundation

IOTA does not use Blockchain, it uses a new technology called Tangle. This is what differentiates it from the conventional Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Monero and so on. Tangle is based off of a mathematical technology called Directed Acyclic Graphs. At the time of this writing IOTA/MIOTA is trading at $1.15Read More →