wazirX exchange offered WRX coins which are useless as of now after 6 months

Cryptocurrency exchanges are popping up everywhere. It is not difficult or expensive to build a crypto exchange. But to build an exchange that is secure, robust, built for thousands of users from day 1 and to work glitch free, you have to spend some moolah. Initial Coin Offerings or ICOsRead More →

We are working on GBRL, Mitali Bansal, Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Zagg Network said as we introduced ourselves at a Blockchain meetup. I’ll be honest, I didn’t ask what GBRL was as I understood from the conversation that the company was working into loyalty rewards and benefits. Two days laterRead More →

quickx cross chain transactions coin crunch India

Cryptocurrencies are undoubtedly becoming a widely used source of payments across many nations. We have all heard that it could one day take over the traditional payment channels such as banks and the cards network. However today, card providers like mastercard and Visa are processing over 150 million transactions anRead More →