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Comment Policy

Be nice in comments and follow these rules.

Everyone here has to adhere to the following rules:

1. Do not attack anyone personally in the group.

2. Sharing is caring but there are DOs and DONTs. 

    1. Do not share Signals or groups that share signals or/and links that share signals. 

1.1 – No referrals allowed. 

Exception – If you explain the product in detail and tell everyone that it is your referral, admins may allow it. Otherwise any referral will be deleted. 

    2. Airdrops are good, but if you are planning to share airdrops, give a brief explanation yourself. “It is a good airdrop” is not a valid explanation. If you believe it is a good airdrop, tell us why before sharing it. 

    3. Exchange promotions are okay to be shared, but do not promote shitty exchanges. 

    4. Do not share sexually inappropriate content. 

    5. Share articles freely, no restrictions 

3. No OTC Deals

4. We reserve the right to ban/restrict you.

5. Since English is a more common language, please use only English to converse in the group. 

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