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Send a Formal Complaint to RBI At the CEP Cells

This is not an article. This is an appeal. An appeal to every Crypto enthusiast in our country. On 5th April, RBI in this First Bi-Monthly Monetary Policy Statement Press Release announced a ring fencing on all entities regulated by RBI. The central bank has now prohibited banks, NBFCs, Payment services and e-wallets from providing services to any business or individual dealing in cryptocurrency.

Many articles have been written already to show that RBI’s decision is not going to benefit the public, us, the citizens. On top of that RBI is considering brining a digital fiat currency token, which will just mean more confusion for citizens. RBI is effectively researching if 2 legal government issued currencies can co exist. It cannot.

Nevertheless, the fight is on, and citizens are trying to make their voice heard to RBI with petitions, a signature campaign for issuing a PIL against the decision and numerous tweets with #RBICantStopMe and #ISupportCrypto. I also started a campaign to write an email to RBI.

Now it is time to reach out to the regional Consumer Education and Protection Cells (CEP Cells) and make our voice heard. 

The Reserve Bank of India has set up a Consumer Education and Protection Cell (CEP Cell) in all its Regional RBI Offices. They take official complaints against Banks, NBFCs and RBI itself.

Any person who has a grievance against any department of the Reserve Bank may lodge his/her complaint with CEP Cell. The complaint should contain the name and address of the complainant, the department against which the complaint is being made, and facts of the case supported by documents, if any, relied upon by the complainant.

Time to Raise A Grievance:

We have listed below the Cities, the email addresses and the Phone numbers of the RBI CEP Cells. If you are an honest tax paying citizen and want to save the future of Crypto, please write to them on email.

Important Note:

Please write your Name, Address and Department against which you have a complaint. In our case the department would be Monetary Policy. 

Do not forget to CC – [email protected], it will help us track the number of complaints sent to RBI. We assure you, your email address and your complaint data will remain safe and will never be shared with anyone. It will be destroyed once we have achieved our goal of reversing RBI’s decision.

If none of the complaints are answered in 35 days, we will write to the chief general manager in Mumbai.

RBI Email Addresses and Phone numbers:

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Once you have written the email and sent it, share this with your friends and ask them to write to RBI. together we will achieve what is our right. Our right to buy and sell Cryptocurrency #RBICantStopMe
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