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We run ads for profit. But as we hit this bear market, the advertisers decreased and the quality of projects coming to us to advertise deteriorated. We are becoming stricter in on-boarding clients and that is costing us big time, as we reject 95% of the advertising offers we get every month.

Our readers are the first priority for us. Whether we have money or not, Coin Crunch India will keep writing research oriented factual articles. But you can help us get grow. We don’t use cookies, we do not take your browsing history, we do not even take your email address unless you subscribe to our newsletter. We do not want to exploit user’s data.

So, to support our work, only if you want to, we request you to leave us a tip. Your donation will be highly appreciated. If you wish to make your donation public you can contact us with the transaction ID.

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Bitcoin: 16s6TJtxCbeYNnWVN8AtUhUuC4mFBppvr7


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We have partnered with CoinSwitch to provide support for any of the 300 cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange. There is a minimum deposit threshold to each one of the supported assets. For smaller amounts, please use the above mentioned wallets.