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Posts tagged as “siddharth Dalmia”

Writ Petition 1071/2017 filed by Siddharth Dalmia for Banning Cryptocurrencies

Back in November 2017, Advocate Siddharth Dalmia filed a petition in Supreme court asking for a complete ban on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. Here is the copy of the petition. We removed the advertisement to remind you about supporting Coin Crunch India. Donate to Keep News Free from influence, research oriented and exclusive on Coin Crunch India. Click here to Donate.

Judgement Day on Cryptocurrency: SC pushes hearing to Sep 11 for Final Disposal

The Apex court of India heard limited arguments on Cryptocurrency’s validity in India from IAMAI and RBI before pushing the case to September 11 for the next and final hearing. According to sources, it was pushed because the other respondents on the case like SEBI have not filed their response yet. All the respondents must respond within 4 weeks time from now. September 11 will be the day Supreme court…