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Tell Us Your Issues With Indian Crypto Exchanges

We don’t like blowing our own trumpet but we literally are the first ones to come up with an idea like this. CoinCrunch is gathering user feedback in a survey to understand the bottlenecks of the Crypto exchange industry.

The idea is to know what issues are taking most time to be resolved by Exchanges.

If you faced any issue with the crypto exchanges that hasn’t been resolved for a long time, let us know about it. We will gather this data for our research and if you wish to, we can send your issues to the top management of the exchanges for an expedited resolution.

Since most users aren’t willing to share their details and prefer to remain anonymous we have chosen to use a google form for this survey. You do not have to provide your names. We will not have access to your tickets from the exchanges. We collect ticket numbers in order to avoid abuses of this form.

What do the users have to do?

Fill up the below form if you have an unresolved issue with an exchange. We will keep the form open until 21-Mar-2018 11:59 PM to collect a 7 day sample data from this survey. The same can change based on the response.

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